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    4. About Us

      Changzhou Aohua Chemical Co., Ltd.is a specialized chemical trader of Low-carbon aliphatic amines. Moreover, we also work hard to expand our business into the fields of other fine chemicals such as high molecule Polymerization initiator chemicals/solvents/catalysts of Friedel-crafts alkylation reaction!
      Following and abiding by such business idea of "be honest, earnest and win-win", we take honesty as a baseline and work seriously as the code of conduct. Taking the advantages of Changzhou on geographical location and distribution place of chemicals, we do our best to create fortune for customers! And achieve mutual development! To seizing the great opportunities of China’s rise, we also look forward to cooperating with customers all around the world for getting common development and creating a bright future!


      A: Low-carbon aliphatic amines
      Ethylamine series/Butyl amine series/Diisopropylamine/n-Propylamine/Diisopropylethylamine /Morpholine
      B: Polymerization initiator chemicals
      2,2'-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile) /2,2'-azobis[2-methylpropionamidine] dihydrochloride/V-044
      C: Dimethyl carbonate series
      D: Glyoxal series
      E: Phase transfer catalyst (PTC)
      F: Other chemicals